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ER: Mt Goddard (13,568’), The Hermit (12,328’)

Date: Thursday, August 7, 2014 to Sunday, August 10, 2014
Presented by: Angeles Chp Sierra Peaks
Level: Strenuous (ER)
Location: Mount Goddard, Kings Canyon National Park, California 93664, USA

ER: Mt Goddard (13,568’), The Hermit (12,328’): Strenuous outing into the Evolution area of the central Sierra to climb a pair of the most remote emblem and mountaineer’s peaks in the range, Mt Goddard and The Hermit. On Thursday we’ll pack from North Lake over Lamarck Col and through the upper Evolution basin to reach Wanda Lake, 12 miles, 4600’ gain with much XC. On Friday we’ll climb Mt Goddard following the 3rd class Starr’s Route, 6 miles and 2800’ gain. On Saturday we’ll climb The Hermit which is mainly 2nd class but with a 4-5th class summit block, 7 miles, 1800’ gain. Sunday we’ll reverse the backpack, 12 miles, 2800’ gain. Participants must be in excellent condition, have alpine roped climbing experience, and be comfortable on 3rd class and loose talus. Send e-mail or SASE with climbing resume and recent experience to Ldr: Neal Robbins, Co-Ldr: Jack Kieffer